Calidad ambiental de las reservas naturales fluviales internacionales y del medio acuático

Expected results

Carisma will enable, first, the improvement of the cross-border cooperation regarding the management of water resources. In addition, this project will improve the accessibility and the connection between the banks of both rivers, giving continuity to the riverside border area and providing access to the trails. Likewise, it will promote the environmental dissemination, and will boost ecotourism, making the nature river reserve attractive to visitors.

Activity 1 - Quality and Flow Control

  • 1. Analysis of ecosystems associated with rivers and Laboreiro Trancoso: fauna, flora, riparian vegetation, biological indicators, hydromorphological and physicochemical framed in water quality.
  • 2. Characterization of the terms of reference of the type of water body reserves.
  • 3. Analysis of water quality in the headwaters of the river Laboreiro and its influence on the state of the river nature reserve.


  • 1. Limnological study of Laboreiro and Trancoso, facing characterization of water body types. This study analyze the river associated ecosystems: fauna, flora, riparian vegetation, biological, hydromorphological and physicochemical.
  • 2. Study on water quality in the headwaters at Laboreiro and its influence on the state of the river nature reserve.

Activity 2 - Quality Conservation

  • 1. Elimination of sources of pollution or pressure points on the bodies of water, caused by domestic sewage.
  • 2. 700 inhabitants beneficiaries of wastewater treatment in rural areas.
  • 3. Distribution of 100% brochures on the state of the water quality.


  • 1. Installation and commissioning of one compact sewage in the river environment Trancoso (Fiaes - Melgaço) to 100 inh. / equivalent.
  • 2. Installation and commissioning of one WWTP in the river environment Trancoso (Ponte Barxas - Padrenda) to 600 inh. / equivalent.
  • 3. 1 model handout on measures implemented and environmental behaviors to conserve water quality of rivers.

Activity 3 - Recovery and Conditioning

  • 1. Clearing of areas invaded by vegetation along 23.832 m of trails.
  • 2. Weeding of areas invaded by vegetation along 23.832 m of trails.
  • 3. As a consequence of the results 1 and 2, is expected to improve the accessibility of trails recovered.
  • 4. As a result of the outcomes 1, 2 and 3, is also expected to improve communication on foot between bordering areas.
  • 5. Increased sustainable fishing activities developed so far.
  • 6. As a result of improving the accessibility and attractiveness: increasing the number of hikers in the area.
  • 7. Increased knowledge of the area, as a result of the increased number of hikers.


  • 2 projects conditioning river banks, Laboreiro and Trancoso.
  • 4 actions of clearing and weeding margins and banks, as well as ensuring access margins and slopes.
  • 4 gateways rehabilitated.
  • 1 wooden gazebo on river cascades toward Laboreiro.
  • 2 cattle grids.

Activity 4 - Dissemination and Environmental Education Actions

  • Design and distribution of spreading materials (leaflets about riverside routes on the rivers Trancoso-Troncoso and Laboreiro)
  • Increasing the amount of visitors to the area.