Calidad ambiental de las reservas naturales fluviales internacionales y del medio acuático

Activity 4. Dissemination and Environmental Education Actions

Finally, the Carisma project comprises a program of spreading activities all over the natural surroundings of the Trancoso-Troncoso river and the Laboreiro river.

Action 1: Design and implementation of interpretive tours in the rivers Trancoso-Troncoso and Laboreiro

With the purpose of meeting the increasing social demand of enjoying the natural heritage of the area, a section of the paths along the banks of both rivers will be fitted out for recreational use. To that end, a interpretive tour will be created by means of the installation of a set of informative signs on both sides of the border. These signs must contain, at least, the following information:

  • 1. General information about the trail and rules for the conservation of the environment.
  • 2. Relevant elements of the landscape: most relevant characteristics of the ecosystem of the river and highlighting the most significant natural aspects
  • 3. Nature-Society Relations: explanation of systems of traditional exploitation of natural resources.

All signs must have the same format and the information contained will be written in Castilian and Portuguese, the languages of the cross-border area. Likewise, brochures and leaflets containing the information about the path and its natural heritage will be printed.