Calidad ambiental de las reservas naturales fluviales internacionales y del medio acuático

Action 2: Conditioning of the banks of the Laboreiro river

The banks of the Laboreiro river are crossed by paths which are commonly used by local inhabitants and by hikers attracted by the natural beauty of the area. In addition, the Laboreiro river is a fishing area, so its banks are frequented by fishermen. Finally, the riverbed becomes narrow at its final stretch, so the Spanish and Portuguese banks could be connected by a bridge, thereby connecting both sides of this natural environment.

All these different goals demonstrate the need to carry out the conditioning of the banks of the Laboreiro river by recovering paths, cleaning and delimiting the area, installing wooden fences, and conditioning the fishing areas. Finally, the objective is to build a wooden footbridge to allow hikers to cross the river without motorized vehicles, thus enabling them to explore this natural environment.