Calidad ambiental de las reservas naturales fluviales internacionales y del medio acuático

Action 1: Conditioning of the banks of theTrancoso river

The banks of the Trancoso-Troncoso river have suffered several alterations over time. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the trails and return them to their original status. To do this, the proposal is to prepare the banks of the Trancoso river by clearing and weeding, installing wood fences to delimit the trails, recovering the bridges which connect the stretches of the trail, and definitively, recovering the traditional "corredoiras" (paths) to make them passable for regular users and possible hikers visiting the area.

On the other hand, in the village of Acivido there is a metal footbridge that crosses river Troncoso and connects Spain with Portugal. This gateway is in a poor condition. It will be replaced by another wooden laminated to ensure safe transit and improve the aesthetics of the place.